Lipstick - Cotton Candy

Lipstick - Cotton Candy


This ultra-moisturizing, 3 tone lipstick is as rare as unicorns! Each lipstick is a magical cotton candy blend. This unique Lippy was created to celebrate International Lipstick Day.

Contains 3 bases Creme, Butter and Matte.

(Not available in Vegan)

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    We are sorry but in the interest of hygiene we cannot accept returns or exchange after purchase/use. If you are unhappy with your product or have an issue, please contact us & we will do our best to rectify any problems.

  • Additional Info

    NOTE/S: Due to the nature of this product, each bullet will produce varied colour. The colour depiction of these images may not be an exact representation of the true to life colour. Although we have tried our best to get a true to life picture of our product's colours, they can some times vary depending on how you are viewing them e.g. what device you are using.

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